European Tour 2022 and Resolutions Vol. 1

Hey y’all, greetings from California!

SO…  by this time next month, Tim and I will have finished recording my fifth record.

That’s right. After a year of being off the road, and close to 2.5 years since we went in to record Kick, we are heading to Nashville at the end of the week to record a batch of songs we are really proud of. I’ll have more details for you as soon as we finish it.  The when and the where and the how of getting it, but I can tell you that for the first time, we are officially putting it out ourselves, on our own record label. Nobody telling us when we can put out records, nobody saying “I don’t hear a single,” no marketing ideas that don’t 100% come from us. It’s all ours, and we are so excited.

Speaking of excitement, I am thrilled to announce that we will be returning to Europe for a headline tour next year! The Mermaid and I will be back and ready to play the new songs and all your other favorites. Now, as a thank you for reading this each month, you are the only people who know this right now. Later today, there will be a fancy announcement but for now, you can go HERE and get tickets before anyone else. Make sure you click on Pre-Sale. Some of these venues are tiny so they’ll go quick.
Now, while we have TONS of new stuff on the horizon, there’s a vault full of goodies, and Bandcamp Friday us today!  Back in January, I got to celebrate the tenth anniversary of my debut album, Resolutions, with my little guitar collection and all of you. There are some fun versions: “Melanin” on 12-string, “Prague” on the ukulele, “Another Town” by Steve Earle, and the first time for Americans that “Play It By Ear” has been made available (other than for free on via YouTube rascals). You can get Vol. 1 of the show HERE.
That’s it for now. It seems like things are starting to come back online slowly in America, and our plans for releasing Album 5 and touring on it won’t really start till September/October as it stands now. Singles, pre-orders, merch and all of that jazz will be coming in July. Meantime, if you have gotten this far, could you do me a kindness and follow our Spotify and YouTube pages? I know, I know, most of you have already signed up, but if you haven’t, it helps more than you know!

Thanks y’all. We are almost there. Keep the faith. 

Peace & Love