Live at Great American Music Hall Vol 1 and Paradise (Gramma Jackie Version)

Tim and I just finished our 18th song for the new record. Yep. We have A LOT of songs, and a lot more to chase down before we head into the studio in a few months.  More on that as things develop, but as you can imagine we are pretty thrilled about our progress. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the stream of “Lose Your Head”, The Loved Ones concert film.  It was a connective and fulfilling thing to rewatch that show with everyone, I hope you all enjoyed it. 

In addition to all the writing and livestreaming, I’ve done a few longer interviews for various podcasts that you may dig.  I’ve talked therapy with Chatworthy, being a dad with Rad Dads, hung out with Tim and my pal Benny on Going Off Track, touring with Danny Donuts at STOURIES, and a bunch more that you can find on any platform you listen to podcasts. 
Next up, today is Bandcamp Friday, and I have TWO releases. First, everyone was stoked when Chuck Ragan and I played last year at Great American Music Hall up in San Francisco, so I took a few of the songs from that show and will be putting them on Bandcamp in the coming months.  Volume 1 is out today and features “Prague,” “Moon Song,” “With You,” and “Worry,” with some good howling from Chuck Ragan in there… I think this is the first version of “Worry” we’ve recorded, right?  You can buy it HERE
The second release is “Paradise (Gramma Jackie Version)” and will available to download for one day only HEREFor those that saw us live in 2019, it’s similar to the version we were doing.  We were struggling to get Paradise to sound good as a full band right after the record came out, and in frustration I opened a show in Germany with a fingerpicked version. Tim and I looked at each other and said “damnit. We should’ve recorded it this way on the record”. Eh, you live and learn. Or you don’t live and learn, cause the same thing happened with Shaky Jesus…oh well! It’ll be out next week on all your favorite streaming platforms and you can pre-save it HERE. I don’t know what it does but they tell me to say it. 
That’s it for now, sorry to cut it short but I have a pile of songs to work on, laundry to do, and Smith & Harrison want to play cars. Thanks much for supporting our work, can’t wait to start sharing new songs with you all and hopefully GET BACK TO PLAYING THEM FOR YOU LIVE. 

Peace & Love